Create, Play, your way.

Soundgarage Music School is a Music Tuition program that offers small group tuition in guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, keyboard and vocals to students in school hours. We supply instruments and fantastic teachers who are enthusiastic and engaging.

Children can build their self-confidence and be involved in a variety of music performances. Soundgarage follows the Musical Futures approach to learning music, which can be found on the Musical Futures International website.

Soundgarage offers schools the opportunity to provide an extra-curricular instrumental program with minimal fuss. Schools provide a space and we bring the rest, including awesome (still practising) musicians who have a love and passion for playing and teaching kids music. We provide the timetabling, parent contact and the majority of the administration.

Soundgarage is a user-pay program. Lessons are paid quarterly (each Term) or upfront for the year. For more information on the Terms and Conditions please click here. 

Soundgarage Music School